Used Egan Bar Forming Machine

Used Egan Bar Forming Machine

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The Slab Former Assembly consists of a water-jacketed UHMW hopper, an 18”, stainless steel water-jacketed upper roll, a 24” stainless steel water-jacketed lower roll and a roll oiler assembly. The hopper is removable for cleaning. The upper roll can be positioned to change the slab thickness by two jack screws. The roll oiler assembly coats the upper roll with vegetable oil or other equivalent oil to help keep product from sticking to it. Two scraper blades also help to keep the rolls clean and to direct the formed slab onto a conveyor belt. The Slab Former sits on a separate frame with both leveling foot pads and casters. The Slab Former can be electrically disconnected from the conveyor and moved on its casters to the washer area.

last in production – 2016/2017. Its was built for Sunopta for nutrition bar manufacturing in California but the plant closed within a few years.

No spare parts buthave the manual.

It has had very little use. Was bought it in 2018 from Sunopta. The intended project never materialized and have never put it into production.


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