Linde Tunnel Freezer

Linde Tunnel Freezer

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We have this used well-maintained Linde tunnel freezer for sale.

The infeed and discharge conveyors are not included but could be

purchased separately.

This unit is coming off-line in September to be replaced with a unit with

more capacity.

The present infeed opening is currently max about 3”. However, this could most likely be modified to

accommodate a larger product if desired. The plates inside the tunnel are about 6” above the belt – that would

be the maximum height limiter.This equipment is subject to prior sale with financial commitment.

There is a complete set of manuals included and we can send them separately.

I believe the belt is 32” wide by approximately 20’ long.

As to capacity, the user states that the capacity that they see day-to-day is as follows:

• The setpoint will effectively go to -210F, however we normally run it at -185F to -205F.

With an product temp at inlet of about 65F, and 50 sec of residence , we get a crust freeze and surface

temp at the outlet of 0-10F

Total throughput of up to 9,000- 9500 lb/hr.


Serial Number30-112-12
Stock Number24022