Stein Gas Fired Fryer

Stein Gas Fired Fryer

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Stein Gas Fired Fryer

60 Tubes

3,500,000 BTU per hour

Comes with 2 filters, oil tank, cooling table and all exhaust stacking


ManufacturerStein Gas Fired Fryer
Stock Number36015
Belt Size34" wide (usable) x 23' long
Oil CapacityMinimum (1" above) 2819 lbs, Maximum 580 gallons, 3772 lbs
Combustion Blower7.5hp, 9.8amp
Level Pump.5hp, .86amp, 1700rpm
Main Conveyor35hp, .86amp, 1700rpm
Sediment Conveyor.25hp, .7amp, 1700rpm
Cooking Oil Supply850 gallons, 66 dia x 75 high
Overall Dimensions306.5" long x 87.5" wide