Unitherm Spiral Oven

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Unitherm Spiral Oven
Spiral Oven Model XL
Model: XL
Tiers: 14
Feet of belt: 850’
Min/Max dwell time: 36 min/60 max
Product clearance: From the product surface to the bottom of the support bracket for
the tier above it is 5.25 inches.
Max Temp: Safety drop out is 550 F. for both cycles of the fan direction.
Hottest product run by customer: 410F at 47 minutes.
Equipment Condition:
The humidity control worked at shut down and were replaced roughly two years ago.
The Eclipse burner is two years old. Modutrol was converted to Seimens two years
ago. 24 of the teflon rails were replaced during season in November.
Oven still running in production up until end of February 2020.
Includes: Discharge conveyor and spiral conveyor for cooling.